Exposure Models

Exposure Models are the presettings provided by the manufacturer of the camera for ease of use.

Usually found in the menu or near the shutter button.

Here are the standard/usual presets of Digital Cameras:

Program-in program mode the camera sets the aperture and shutter speed.

Shutter Priority/TV: The camera sets the aperture to give you a good exposure.Choose the Shutter speed you need to freeze or deliberately blur camera or subject movement.

Aperture Priority/AV: The exposure System automatically set the shutter speed to give you a good exposure.We can select the aperture needed to obtain the depth of field we want.

Manual:We can select both the shutter speed and the aperture.

There are other settings like:

Portrait-sets the camera good for portraiture photos/shots.

Scenery/Landscape-sets the camera for landscape shots.

Night Shot-Sets the camera for dark/night photos/shots.

and many other settings.

Some cameras also have WHITE BALANCE.

White Balance:

Compensates for different types of light that can create a dominant hue of color that needs to be corrected to produce more result.

Typical Settings include:

Auto-The camera sets the white balance automatically according to shooting conditions.

Daylight-Use when shooting outdoors in sunlight on a clear day.

Cloudy:Use when shooting out doors and the sunlight is not enough such as under clear skies,in shade or at dusk.

Tungsten:for shooting under tungsten and bulb-type lighting.

Fluorescent:For shooting under warm-white or cool-white flourescent lighting.

(That’s my friend,Jeff..^_^)

Custom:For setting a custom value to obtain the optimal white balance for the conditions.In Custom you can set the white balance from your camera.Check your user manual for further instructions.

Take Note:Some of these features are not always in digital cameras.Some may have it,some may not. If you want to be sure about the features of your digital camera,please refer to your User’s Manual. This will let you get to know your camera which is quite advisable especially to beginners.

Doing this will make you more familiar with your camera and will make it easier to understand the concepts involve in photography.

Next stop: Basic Composition of a Photo.



  1. slamdunk Said:

    Helpful post–I need to learn more about pre-set versus manual.

    • kevingab29 Said:

      oh thanks for viewing my blog..
      uhm..pre-set versus manual?
      ok i’ll post something about it later on..
      still working on putting up some examples for better understanding..
      hope you can wait for your request…

      still having troubles with time management considering i’m also a student in college..but still i will update this as soon as i can..

      thanks again..

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