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Camera Handling and Composition

We are now on the Basics of Photography.

This is where we talk about Handling the Camera,Composition,Rule Of Thirds,Cropping,Framing,Leading Lines and Camera Orientation.

Personally..i learned all these in only a day in a seminar i attended…Please remember that i am not a professional just a hobbyist who wants to share basic knowledge about Photography.

All i do now is trying to explore more about Photography because i love it.

So First off in our lesson is Handling of Camera:

Proper handling of camera is necessary to get good quality pictures.

There are ways to do this:

1)While holding the camera clip your arms close to your body..this way you minimize the shaking of your hands which also minimize the blurred quality of your shots.

2)Before pressing the shutter button,hold your breath this will also minimize sudden movements which causes blurry-ness..

3)Get in a position which you are most comfortable of. For example you can bend,sit or stand to get comfortable before taking the picture.Not only the subjects/composition should you arrange but also yourself to get good quality shots.


Composition-it is the arrangement of elements/subject of your image within the viewfinder or frame to produce a pleasing composition.

Basic Composition:

There are basic ways to arrange elements within your composition such as:

Physically move objects relative to each other

Tell people to move relative to each other or other objects.

Put your camera to your eye and move.This is the most effective way to control,compose and alter by changing your viewpoint.