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Framing and the “Leading” Lines

Finally,I found the time to update my blog..

anyways….we are now in Framing…

Framing – is the technique of a composition wherein you “frame” your subject/scene using objects found in the composition like trees,electricity posts,street lamps,arches etc.

This is done to provide a unique twist to your photos.

Here’s an example…

As you can see in the left side of the photo a tree looks like a part of a photo-“Frame”..

It framed my subject which is the cloud scenery..but still this composition is considered bad..

it’s because of the unnecessary part of the tree at the lower right part of the photo..

Although i like what i’ve done here..^_^

Next let’s talk about the Leading Lines…

Leading lines is another composition technique which “leads” your eye to your subject..or makes your eye wonder to your photo.

Seriously,i can’t describe it in a good way ^_^ but to make you guys understand better here are some examples…

In this photo(above) as you can see i put the road-end on the far right side which makes the effect of making your eye wonder/travel until the other end of the road..

Now,in this photo(above),the line that was supposed to lead your eye to the pep squad was put in the wrong was supposed to be in the far right of the photo…

in this photo(above), i combined Framing and “Leading” Line techniques…

I hope through these examples, you got what i was trying to say.. i can’t thoroughly explain some of it.. i hope you guys understand..


i will be posting updates at least every week… the next topics might be about the function Macro,Color-Accent,AV-Priority,TV-Priority…and other Digital Camera functions.

Practice capturing shots using these techniques and always discover ways to improve..


Till next time!..

(photos are taken by me by the way….i’m using a Canon PowerShot 1530)