Brief History of Photography

Before we start of on the basics of Photography…

Let’s Learn about the origins/history of Photography..

This was taken from my Photography Seminar Instructor’s Portfolio,Mr.Mike P. Lawan..

Brief History Of Photography:

The earliest successfully recorded instances of photography are attributed to Four People:

  • Frenchmen Joseph Nicephore Niepce
  • Louis J.M Daguerre
  • Hippolyte Bayard
  • Englishman William Henry Talbot

All four of them employed two scientific techniques that at the time had been known but never successfully combined — the optical and chemical techniques.

The OPTICAL Technique came about with the realization that a small hole in a wall of a darkroom could project inverted images on an opposite wall.

With the CHEMICAL Technique,on the other hand,people realized that certain chemicals turn dark when exposed to light .

With a hole in the optical process being replaced by a lens,it was just a matter of time before the photograph came about.

It was Talbot who first used  a Process that produced a negative picture at papaer.

Projecting light in an image as dark and the dark spots as light.A positive was then made on another sheet of chemically sensitized paper exposed to light through a negative.

With an infinite number of positive being made from a single negative,photography as we know it was born.

The word PHOTOGRAPHY,however,did not came about until 1839,the year the photographic process was actually made public.

It was coined by Sir John Herschel,who derived the term form the combination of Greek words which meant “Light” and “Writing”.

Until very recently,that process,though muce refined,has been the bread and butter of photography as we know it.

In the past couple of years,however,a revolution has been taking place. With the advent of digital technology came the shift from using FILM to using PIXELS(“Picture Elements”).

That’s the history of how Photography Came about..For our next topic we will discuss about the ADVANTAGES of DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY and How a DIGITAL CAMERA WORKS…

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